CEO Susan Moser has more than 30 years of personal business experience, and her long list of satisfied clients and companies from Copenhagen to the United Arab Emirates testifies to the professionalism and results of Susan Moser and her company.


Susan Moser’s grandfather Bernhard M. Andersen was a small businessman with a passion for detail. He was originally employed at the Danish head quarters of the Norwegian quarrying company Ankerske Marmorforretning in Copenhagen that established in 1895, however, in 1965 Bernhard M. Andersen bought the factory on the marble quay from its Norwegian owners and began building his family legacy under his own name at Bernhard M. Andersen’s Stenhuggeri.

Though only a small company, Bernhard M. Andersen’s marble company enjoyed two successful decades of business and won prestigious contracts, among others supplying the limestone on the facade of the Danish National Bank. By 1981 Susan Moser’s father was in control of the family marble factory. Ernst B. Moser had a background in construction and a vision to expand Bernhard M. Andersen’s Stenhuggeri, so he made extensive changes in the company structure, modernizing production and administration as well as changing the name to Frihavnens Marmorværk & Stenhuggeri Aps.

Susan Moser always loved being at her grandfather’s factory, and when she turned 10 she was given her first job. During school holidays Susan Moser would move bits and pieces around the factory, aid the cleaners while growing increasingly more knowledgeable about stone. She stayed on this path during her teens and finally reached full employment as an ordinary laborer in 1987 under her father’s employment.

Susan Moser’s Career in the family business only came to an end in 2003, when her father’s company was sold to new owners, who chose to close down and demolish the factory. At that time Susan Moser established her current
company Moser & Moser.



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